Hello! My name is Ariana, and I'm a writer. I am experienced in a number of fields, from traditional television sitcom writing, blogging, business copywriting, digital video production, social media management, and more.

My passions include media theory, entrepreneurship, the science of curly hair, racial justice, feminism, and identity politics. In my off-time, you can find me scrolling endlessly for inspiration on tumblr and finding something good to read.

This space is a central location for my personal essays, resume, and video work. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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  • Men Complaining About How Much Attention They Are Given – Episode 3

    Men Complaining About How Much Attention They Are Given – Episode 3

    In the haste of setting up this website, I couldn’t post a review of The Bachelorette’s first two episodes. But you are solely mistaken if you think I’ll allow this season to slide through my wine-stained hands. This episode opens …continue »
  • Crooked, sky-bound lines

    Crooked, sky-bound lines

    With full confidence I can say in 2016 I’ve gravitated towards my life goals, mostly by realizing their depths and realigning my focus. But I did not grow, not really. The pre/post-NYE-hangover facebook posts about personal growth in the past …continue »
  • 10 Years Ago

    10 Years Ago

    10 years ago I was a quiet sixth grader. I ate my vegetables and stood straight, learned my place. Slowly got rid of my East Coast accent through compulsory church choir on Sundays. Could never figure out how to keep …continue »
  • It Rained.

    It Rained.

    Rain cleanses. Rain heals. I close my eyes and feel free of family obligation, of money as a motivator, of aggressive American individualism. When stripped of these feelings, rain reminds me of the blood on my hands. A visceral reminder of my deafening …continue »
  • Twenty Two Years

    Twenty Two Years

    Happy 22nd birthday to me! I feel closer to the void now more than ever. I have a lot going on in this noggin of mine, so indulge me (consider it a birthday present) as I let some of that spill …continue »