My One Writing Rule

The only way you get better at a skill is to recognize your areas of growth, make goals, preferably SMART goals, and keep at it. I’ve spent the last few weeks observing my habits and noting my various, absurd excuses to get out of chores or anything I didn’t want to do. Now that I’m taking

Crooked, sky-bound lines

With full confidence I can say in 2016 I’ve gravitated towards my life goals, mostly by realizing their depths and realigning my focus. But I did not grow, not really. The pre/post-NYE-hangover facebook posts about personal growth in the past 12 months are flash flooding my timeline, and I too want to join in celebrating

10 Years Ago

10 years ago I was a quiet sixth grader. I ate my vegetables and stood straight, learned my place. Slowly got rid of my East Coast accent through compulsory church choir on Sundays. Could never figure out how to keep the tears inside. 5 years ago I was the new girl in Junior Year who hung

It Rained.

Rain cleanses. Rain heals. I close my eyes and feel free of family obligation, of money as a motivator, of aggressive American individualism. When stripped of these feelings, rain reminds me of the blood on my hands. A visceral reminder of my deafening silence. My mistakes come back to envelope me in water; I dream of drowning. Can rain rinse the

Twenty Two Years

Happy 22nd birthday to me! I feel closer to the void now more than ever. I have a lot going on in this noggin of mine, so indulge me (consider it a birthday present) as I let some of that spill onto this page. 22 bits of advice from 22 years of life, as if I